It's Going Well​.​.​.​EP

by Be Easy

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released October 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Be Easy Warner Robins, Georgia

Growing up in the middle GA scene the members of Be Easy decided to bring something new to the table where metal was dominating the scene. Putting all of our hearts into the music we play we hope to reach as many people as possible and have as much fun as we can. Check us out! ... more

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Track Name: Routine

Here it goes again, another bad idea falls from my lips, unto your ears

And I find it hard to understand what causes fear
another door left open, a ball and chain found broken
did you really think id stay?

Ill take your bad news and throw it all away
Ill take your dirty looks, don’t need them anyway
Ill be your worst dream and follow you around
Ill make it come true, ill make it come true

I guess the hardest part will always be

how well you played the part and what you mean to me
I thought that you would take pride in the things that you do, cause I do.

But im trapped, dragging all of myself through the hell that I’ve been and back
For now, I’m watching TV alone and I’m teaching myself how to act.
It’s going well, except for all of this stress
Track Name: Stay What You Are
Stay What You Are

Passed out and on the floor
Don’t fake it anymore
I know you smile but I can see
How sad it makes you seem
This life you lead, fueled by drinks
You’ll burn a hole right though me

All the things ive said to you have been
about that dark black cloud about your head
and all this time that I have spent
should not be being there for your defense

I wish someone was there to say, to bend and not to break
Don’t be so fragile, look at the mess you’ve made
You break you shatter (all your pieces on the floor)
It won’t get better (you’re not a person anymore)

I know it’s hard to face when you’ve lost all hope and you’ve lost all faith
I’m the only one who can see how much you have changed and how you hate me
Track Name: Selflessness
There’s something in you I know
But you’re fake from your head to your toes
Lately, the you that I see has fallen quickly from her throne
Shes not genuine
I think that skin shes in, just tears from the stories and lies she tells

Selflessness and self-respect
Were those traits you chose not to learn
You went and stole my friend
Now you're finding the consequence
Ill keep my words in someone elses pen
Make your mistakes on me
And learn from them
I’d hate to see you in the same position I’ve kept myself in

I know I said it was alright for you to pass along
But now you’re gone but still here and it all seems wrong
I know youre better off all on your own
And if you see me and im mad, im not, im just alone